Live Shows
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Live Shows

Katy’s family fun show

Join Katy as she serves up a health dose of silliness, fun and games to keep not just the kids entertained but the grown up’s too. This completely interactive show which Katy has been touring for over 10 years is perfect for smaller stages at family festivals and commercial events and is guaranteed to have the entire audience in fits of giggles.

The show can also be adapted for Christmas light switch ons and events for preschools or nurseries.


  • RUNNING TIME: 30 minutes

Katy’s story time show

Join Katy and her ukulele for a calm and quiet journey into her favourite stories. Sprinkled with songs and games to inspire and spark their imaginations, this is the perfect show for a smaller and younger audience to enjoy.


  • RUNNING TIME: 30 Minutes
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: under 6’s.

Katy and the Music Machine!

Coming soon…